Graphic Designing

Graphic Design Course in Lahore, Pakistan

• Course Duration: 2 Months
• Days: 3 days a week
• Hours: 1.5
• Status: Online & On-Campus
• New Session: Every month
• WhatsApp: 0302 895 7000
• Website: www.kakti.pk
• Address: 116-P, MM Alam Road, Mini Market, Gulberg II, Lahore
• Google Map: https://bit.ly/3iPh4Yf

Course Outline


Module 1: Introduction to Graphic Design

Lesson 1: Understanding the Basics
  1. Introduction to Graphic Design
  2. Importance of Graphic Design in Various Industries
  3. Overview of Design Principles
Lesson 2: Essential Design Tools
  1.   Introduction to Design Software (Adobe Creative Suite, etc.)
  2.   Navigating Design Interfaces
  3.   Understanding Layers and Artboards

Module 2: Fundamentals of Design

Lesson 3: Color Theory
  1. Exploring Color Models (RGB, CMYK)
  2. Color Wheel and Color Harmony
  3.  Effective Use of Color in Design
Lesson 4: Typography Basics
  1.   Introduction to Fonts and Typeface
  2.   Kerning, Leading, and Tracking
  3.   Creating Readable Text in Design

Module 3: Design Elements and Principles

Lesson 5: Layout and Composition
  1.  Rule of Thirds
  2.   Grid Systems
  3.   Balancing Elements in Design
Lesson 6: Image Editing and Manipulation
  1.  Working with Images in Design
  2.  Photo Editing Techniques
  3.   Image Cropping and Resizing

Module 4: Advanced Design Techniques

Lesson 7: Logo Design
  1. Principles of Effective Logo Design
  2.   Creating Logos with Impact
  3.   Case Studies and Analysis
Lesson 8: Print and Digital Design
  1.   Designing for Print (Brochures, Business Cards)
  2.   Digital Design for Social Media and Web

Module 5: Hands-On Projects and Assignments

Lesson 9: Designing a Brand Identity
  1. Creating a Brand Mood Board
  2.  Developing a Consistent Brand Aesthetic
Lesson 10: Portfolio Development
  1. Showcasing Design Projects
  2.   Constructing an Impressive Design Portfolio

Module 6: Industry Insights and Trends

Lesson 11: Keeping Up with Design Trends
  1. Exploring Current Design Trends
  2.   Staying Relevant in the Industry
Lesson 12: Client Communication and Freelancing
  1.   Effective Communication with Clients
  2.   Navigating the Freelance Graphic Design Landscape

Module 7: Final Project and Certification

Lesson 13: Capstone Project
  1. Applying Skills to a Real-world Project
  2.  Peer Review and Feedback
Lesson 14: Certification and Beyond
  1. Course Completion and Certification
  2.   Continuing Professional Development in Graphic Design


Each student still complete a project of his/her choice from start
to end under the supervision of instructor in institution lab.

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