Founder’s Message

We have started this Foundation in memory of Mr. Khurshid Akhtar khan (Late), a Structural Engineer, having a masters degree under his belt, a Businessman by profession, philanthropist, writer, avid golfer and bridge player, a father of proud children and of course, a Patriotic Pakistani.

It all started with a dream of Mr. Khurshid Akhtar Khan (Late) to serve humanity. This journey of Khurshid Akhtar Khan (Late) has not been an easy one, however, with the help of his amazing visionary leadership, commitment, wisdom, dignity, foresight & grace, his dream has now become reality. Mr.Khurshid Akhtar Khan has always been a leader in the corporate industry for the last many decades, having successfully set up and established different companies , fulfilling his role as a director, CEO and Chairman for last few decades, with utmost diligence and class.  He had a special interest in politics and economics and being a master of the English language, remained for years, a regular contributor of articles in multiple English newspapers.

On behalf of Mr. Khan, we look forward to welcoming our students and respected faculty members with warm hearts. It is hoped that together, we achieve the mission of shaping well-disciplined and skillful students.

The journey of Mr. Khan still continues and this institute will no doubt continue to be sustained by enthusiastic and talented people for a long time to come.

Chairperson Message

Welcome to ‘Khurshid Akhtar Khan Training Institute’!

We feel immense pleasure to take initiative of starting an institute to offer demand-driven courses which will definitely help the students to get their jobs or establishing their own business.

Our prime objective is to provide opportunities to deserving students to learn technology-based courses at lesser cost as compared to other institutes. We are always here at your service, working with passion and dedication to offer you an academically-comprehensive and personally rewarding quality education.

Be innovative and just go for it! Remember passion is the clue to all success! Join us in a journey full of challenges and opportunity.

My best wishes to all students on their new journey at ‘Khurshid Akhtar Khan Training Institute’.

Managing Partner’s Message

I am pleased to have this exciting opportunity to welcome all students to ‘Khurshid Akhtar Khan Training Institute’.

We are grateful to all students for taking interest in our newly established institute. We are devoted to provide competitive learning environment to our students. Our aim is to develop students’ career in accordance with their abilities leading to an ultimate success in their professional life. Our courses are being offered in state of the art facilities and our students live and learn in an environment which is aesthetically pleasing, academically stimulating, and culturally enriching.

It is a true privilege for me to lead an institute that gives me definite excitement every day. We look forward to welcome you here, to a world of learning in enjoyable ways, to a world where every student is challenged to grow to his or her potential.

Wishing you very best of luck in your future endeavors.

Khurshid Akhtar Khan (Late)

Iram Khurshid Khan

Zoe Khurshid Khan
Managing Partner

Shahid Mehmood
Director Operations

We are offering short courses of Information Technology, social media management and many others for deserving students taught by experienced instructors to contribute towards the betterment of our society.

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