Khurshid Akhtar Khan Training Institute

We are offering short courses of Information Technology, social media management and many others for deserving students taught by experienced instructors to contribute towards the betterment of our society. We are committed to train and equip thousands of students and keeping up with changing times and advancements with access to the latest technology at much lesser costs which will aid them to gain access to and avail better opportunities in all walks of life.

Technologies You Will Learn


Our experienced instructors believe in innovation and achieving excellence and commit to the cause of assisting each and every student of the Institute to rediscover his or her future.


Our top rated high-in-demand courses are specifically designed to create and ensure infinite jobs opportunities for our outgoing students.


Due certification shall be awarded to all students upon the successful completion of course (s) be accepted and honored by industry.

Why Choose Us?

We are determined to produce top industry leaders by our highly trained instructors, unique course content and unmatched teaching style.

Demand-Driven Courses

Given technology is the need of the hour and a field that is constantly evolving and advancing, we are committed to offering the latest, highest rated, demand-driven courses at very nominal costs.

Infinite Opportunities

Our trained instructors will help students gain professional certifications leading to access to multiple opportunities and avenues including infinite jobs’ opportunities as well as the option of setting up ones own business.