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WordPress Development Course in Lahore, Pakistan

  • Course Duration: 2 Months
  • Days: 3 days a week
  • Hours: 1.5
  • Status: Online & On-Campus
  • WhatsApp: 0302 895 7000
  • Website: www.kakti.pk
  • Address: 116-P, MM Alam Road, Mini Market, Gulberg II, Lahore
  • Google Map: Khurshid Akhtar Khan Training Institute

Course Outline

Modules List & What you'll learn

4 Practical Projects

  1. Business / Company Website - Demo
  2. E-Commerce Store - Demo
  3. Real Estate / Property Listing Website - Demo
  4. Urdu Arabic News Website - Demo Demo


  • History & Anatomy of Internet / World Wide Web (WWW)
  • Web Browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Edge
  • HTML5 (Structure), CSS3 (Makeup), JavaScript (Behavior)
  • Chrome Developer Tools & Extensions
  • WordPress, PHP, MySql, Apache Server, CPanel

WordPress Installation & Setup

  • Download WordPress Software
  • Installation on Live Server CPanel
  • Installation on Local Server XAMPP / WAMPP
  • php.ini and .htaccess

WordPress Backend Dashboard

  • Explore WordPress Dashboard
  • Update WordPress Latest Version
  • Concept of Theme & Plugins
  • Free / Premium Themes & Plugins
  • Install Free Themes & Plugins
  • Widgets, Menus, Settings

Website Content with Posts & Pages

  • WordPress Posts vs WordPress Pages
  • WordPress Posts
  • WordPress Pages
  • Categories vs Tags
  • Featured Images
  • Create and Manage WordPress Post
  • Create and Manage WordPress Page
  • Creating Parent Pages
  • Draft vs Publish

Working with Menus

  • Creating a Menu
  • Adding Pages, Posts, Categories and Custom Links to Menu
  • Add Theme Specific Post Types to Menu
  • Re-Arrange Menu Items
  • Removing a Menu Item

Widgets and Sidebars

  • Widgets and Sidebars Concept
  • Add and Remove Widgets
  • WordPress Built-In Widgets vs Theme / Plugin Specific Widgets


  • Insert Hyperlink to Download File
  • Insert Hyperlink to Navigate to an External Website
  • Insert Hyperlink to Navigate to an Internal Page
  • Insert an E-mail Address
  • Removing a Hyperlink


  • Concept of Shortcodes
  • Use of Shortcodes
  • Function Call vs Shortcodes in WordPress

Configure Website Settings

  • Configure General Settings
  • Configure Reading, Writing Settings
  • Configure Permalinks

Media Library

  • Month and Year Folder Structure
  • Upload and Resizing of Images
  • Upload and Manage Media Files
  • Upload PDF to Download via Hyperlink

Themes and Plugins

  • What is Plugin
  • Plugin vs Widget
  • Download and Install a Plugin
  • Update and Delete a Plugin
  • What is Theme
  • Free vs Premium Themes
  • Choose a Theme According to Your Requirements
  • Installing and Configuring a Theme
  • Installing Theme Specific Plugins
  • Setup Theme Demo in Premium Themes
  • Setup Theme Sliders with Revolution Slider / Free Plugin
  • Setup a Photo Gallery
  • Customizer and Theme Options

Basic and Advanced Contact Forms

  • Design a Basic Contact / Inquiry Form
  • Contact Form 7 Plugin
  • Email Settings
  • Gravity / WP-Forms / Ninja Forms
  • Design an Advanced Form

Inserting Google Maps

  • Setup a Google Map in Contact Us Page
  • Configure it According to Your Location

WordPress Security Factors

  • Installing & Activating a Security Plugin
  • Scanning Your Website for Vulnerabilities
  • Using Strong Passwords
  • Changing the Admin User
  • Keeping WordPress & Plugins & Themes up to Date
  • Avoiding Free Themes

WordPress Website Speed Factors

  • Choose a Lightweight Theme
  • Advanced Caching Mechanisms with a Caching Plugin
  • Hosting I/O Speed SSD/Cloud Based Hosting
  • Avoid Shared Hosting
  • Image Optimization Size and File Type Analysis

Redirecting Page

  • Install a Redirecting Plugin
  • Configure Plugin
  • Adding a Redirect

Website Backup & Restore

  • Plugin Based Backup
  • Install a Backup Plugin
  • Creating a Backup
  • Locate and Download Backup
  • Learn How to Restore Plugin Based Backup
  • Manual Backup
  • Backup WordPress Website Folder
  • Backup Website Database in SQL
  • Learn How to Restore Manual Backup
  • Periodic Backup with Timestamp Most Important Practice

Premium Layout Plugins - Page Builders

  • Visual Composer / Divi / Elementor
  • Install a Visual Composer / DIVI / Elementor Theme
  • Use of Different Visual Components Provided by These Plugins
  • Understand and Use of Editor

Advanced Theme Customization using Code

  • HTML 5 / CSS 3 / JavaScript Frontend
  • PHP 7 Backend Custom Widgets/Plugins or Edit Existing One
  • Chrome Developer’s Tool
  • Change the Look and Feel of Website According to Your Requirements
  • Use of Additional CSS and JavaScript
  • Control Website Components Positions with CSS
  • php.ini and .htaccess configuration if required
  • Control Upload Max FileSize, Post Max Size, Max Execution Time

Learn to Design Logo, Banners and Other Images

  • Learn to Design Logo, Banners and Other Images for your Website

Types of Customization

  • Button Based Customization using Available Dashboard Options
  • Image Based Customization Inventory Shoot Images, Logo, Banners
  • Code Based Customization Client Side HTML/CSS/JS, Server Side Platform Anatomy PHP

Advanced Concepts for Theme and Plugin/Widget Development

  • WordPress Anatomy
  • Blogging Term Post Confusion in WordPress
  • WordPress Evolution from a Blogging Platform to CMS
  • Post Types and Taxonomies
  • Built-In Post Types and Taxonomies
  • Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies
  • Templating System & Template Hierarchy
  • WordPress APIs List to Program Options, Settings, Database, REST etc

Note: Each student sill complete a project of his/her choice from start to end under the supervision of instructor in institution lab.

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